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About Us

Hands 4 Voices is an exciting and modern signing choir based in Hockley/Rochford, Essex.

Set up in July 2011 with just 15 members, we now have 50 choir members meeting over 2 sessions per week - Monday morning in Hockley and Thursday evening in Rochford.

Members are mixed - some Deaf, some Partially Deaf and some Hearing. Anyone aged 16 and over is welcome to join regardless of signing experience (under 16's considered dependant on circumstances).

All we ask you to have is enthusiasm and passion (and the willingness to work hard!!)


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                   Bus Awards 2015                           Signature Awards 2013

What do we sign and how do we do it?

We sign to a range of songs - anything from Take That to Dusty Springfield to Ed Sheeran! The song is played and the choir members use their "hands 4 voices" to sign the lyrics. As with any sign language, expression and body language are imperative to relay the emotion of all the songs.


Don't know how to sign?

Don't let that worry you! Whilst we have experienced signers in the choir, some joined us with no previous experience at all.

With the support of everyone involved in the choir, you'll feel right at home in Hands 4 Voices straight away - and part of a very unique and special group.

Want to know more or tempted to join??? 

To find out more about us, why not come along to a free first session. That way you can find out more about us and meet some of the choir members who will be more than happy to talk to you about what it is like to be part of the choir. Please get in touch via our "contact us" page.

Hands 4 Voices is part of the Don't Shout Out group (www.dontshoutout.co.uk)

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